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        regentco findings catalogue 2015
        Guaranteed lowest prices on findings
        • 2016 catalogue

        OUR STORY

        We sell findings. Nothing else. And when you sell one thing, you become really good at it. That's why Regentco is Australia's premier gold and silver jewellery Findings supplier. And, being backed by Australia's premier precious metal services group Pallion, means that Regentco provides Australia's largest range of Findings stock, all available for immediate pick up or delivery.

        We're different from other Findings companies because we're manufacturers, not just wholesalers. Regentco Findings are manufactured in Australia and offshore. They're all made with fresh bullion, much of which is sourced from our sister company ABC Bullion. That's why Regentco guarantees the lowest prices every day on its quality range of Findings.

        But you don't ever have to sacrifice quality for value at Regentco. Our fully vertically integrated model means that Regentco Findings aren't just great value - they're superior quality too. If you're not completely satisfied with our product, simply return within the specified period for a product price refund - no questions asked.

        And if you need any further help with your jewellery production, don't forget that as part of the Pallion group of companies, you can access all of the jewellery manufacture, finishing and setting services offered by Pallion. For more information, speak to a Regentco or Pallion team member today.

        Regentco. First in Findings.

        Copyright ? Regentco 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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